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SKB 3i1813-7-RCP iSeries RODECaster Pro Podcast Mixer Case + Sony MDR-7506

SKB 3i1813-7-RCP iSeries RODECaster Pro Podcast Mixer Case + Sony MDR-7506
SKB 3i1813-7-RCP iSeries RODECaster Pro Podcast Mixer Case + Sony MDR-7506
SKB 3i1813-7-RCP iSeries RODECaster Pro Podcast Mixer Case + Sony MDR-7506

SKB 3i1813-7-RCP iSeries RODECaster Pro Podcast Mixer Case + Sony MDR-7506

Portable Protection for Your Podcasting Gear. Sweetwater is an Authorized SKB + Sony Dealer.

SKB 3i1813-7-RCP + Sony MDR7506 Value Bundle. 19.82" x 15.5" x 7.88 Waterproof Hardshell Utility Case with Molded Resin Shell, Patented Trigger Release Latching System, and Cushion Grip Handle Closed Circumaural Headphones with Folding Design. When you're taking your podcast on the road, it's important to protect your gear. The SKB iSeries 3i1813-7-RCP podcast mixer case is an awesome case that will protect your RODECaster from water damage, dust, and dents, no matter how much you throw it around. The key to this case's incredible water resistance is the gasket-sealed lid design that makes it submersible and dust-tight.

When employees at Sweetwater got their hands on the SKB 3i1813-7-RCP podcast mixer case, they loved its padded handle and recessed latches. This case is manufactured from an ultra high-strength polypropylene copolymer resin exterior that provides your mixer with substantial impact protection.

You're serious about your podcast. You should be serious about protecting the gear you use to do it. Extra storage for your mics. If you record a podcast, you need mics. SKB thought this through when they designed the foam padding for this case. The RODECaster case has a main removable pocket that can fit two Rode PodMics and has two additional accessory pockets for your cables and power supplies. If you don't need to store mics, you can remove the custom foam to open the entire middle cavity up for storage.

Form-cut foam for ultimate protection. High quality PE foam is cut specifically to fit the RODECaster Pro Podcast Mixer. This durable foam will hold your gear firmly in place and protect it no matter what kind of abuse you put it through.

SKB RODECaster Pro Podcast Mixer Case Features. Accommodates the RODECaster Pro Podcast Mixer. Removable foam insert holds two Rode PodMics. Patented trigger release latching system.

Sony's MDR-7506 headphones are one of Sweetwater's most popular choices for professional studio monitoring and focused listening. You'll find MDR-7506 headphones in virtually every recording studio on the planet. Because these exceptionally affordable headphones give you studio-quality sound and impressive sound isolation, but they're still comfortable enough that you can wear them for even the longest tracking or mixing sessions. Their closed-back design and thick earcups keep sound from leaking out into microphones, and they also provide a consistent listening environment anywhere you use them. And unlike most folding headphones, Sony MDR-7506s can easily withstand the abuse of daily wear. Sony MDR-7506 Closed-Back Headphones at a Glance. Exceptional sound quality for any application. Closed-back earcups lock sound in and block out noise. Flexible and foldable design provides maximum comfort and convenience. Exceptional sound quality for any application Sony MDR-7506 closed-back headphones are known throughout the music industry and beyond as one of the best-sounding yet most reasonably priced headphones available. We could say it's because of their large, well-tuned 40mm drivers or their gold connectors and oxygen-free copper, but truthfully, there isn't only one thing that accounts for how good they sound. The fact is that more Sweetwater customers recommend MDR-7506s than just about any other headphones for one simple reason: they simply sound amazing. Closed-back earcups lock sound in and block out noise Part of what makes listening through a pair of Sony MDR-7506 headphones such an exceptional experience is their earcup design. To provide you with extraordinary acoustic isolation, Sony gave their MDR-7506 headphones thick, widely spaced earcups. These earcups not only reduce ear fatigue (a major bonus for those extra-long listening sessions), but they also lock sound in. That means you don't have to worry about your monitor mix bleeding into your microphone when you record or your amp overpowering your headphones. Flexible and foldable design provides maximum comfort and convenience It's a good thing Sony includes an 1/8"-1/4" adapter with their MDR-7506 headphones because you're going to want to use them with your iPod, too.

What's more, they fold down neatly, so you can take your MDR-7506s with you wherever you go. Swiveling mounts let you choose whichever ear you prefer (that makes them great for DJ use, too). And no matter what size your head is, a fully adjustable headband that's firm but not too tight makes MDR-7506 headphones a perfect fit for anyone!

Sony MDR-7506 Closed-Back Headphones Features. Perfect headphones for professional studio monitoring, detailed listening, DJing, or just enjoying music wherever you are. Closed-back design provides you with a consistent listening environment while isolating sound inside and outside of your headphones. Fully adjustable headband provides maximum comfort. Durable folding design provides quality that lasts for years and folds down for easy portability.

Stereo UniMatch plug allows you to plug into both 1/4" and 1/8" headphone jacks. Gold connectors and oxygen-free copper cord give you top-quality sound transmission. Frequency response extends from 10Hz to 20kHz - easily covering the whole audible spectrum.

Includes a handy soft case. Sony's incredibly affordable MDR-7506 headphones give you top performance in the studio, onstage, and on the go! 3i1813-7-RCP iSeries RODECaster Pro Podcast Mixer Case Specifications.

RODECaster Podcast Mixer Hard Case. More than 30 years in business.

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SKB 3i1813-7-RCP iSeries RODECaster Pro Podcast Mixer Case + Sony MDR-7506