Mixer Rack Case

25U Rack Mount Studio Mixer Cabinet Road Case DJ Flight Stand Music Equipment

25U Rack Mount Studio Mixer Cabinet Road Case DJ Flight Stand Music Equipment
25U Rack Mount Studio Mixer Cabinet Road Case DJ Flight Stand Music Equipment
25U Rack Mount Studio Mixer Cabinet Road Case DJ Flight Stand Music Equipment
25U Rack Mount Studio Mixer Cabinet Road Case DJ Flight Stand Music Equipment
25U Rack Mount Studio Mixer Cabinet Road Case DJ Flight Stand Music Equipment
25U Rack Mount Studio Mixer Cabinet Road Case DJ Flight Stand Music Equipment
25U Rack Mount Studio Mixer Cabinet Road Case DJ Flight Stand Music Equipment
25U Rack Mount Studio Mixer Cabinet Road Case DJ Flight Stand Music Equipment
25U Rack Mount Studio Mixer Cabinet Road Case DJ Flight Stand Music Equipment
25U Rack Mount Studio Mixer Cabinet Road Case DJ Flight Stand Music Equipment

25U Rack Mount Studio Mixer Cabinet Road Case DJ Flight Stand Music Equipment
Here were highlighting a 25U rackmount road case by. This is one of the sturdiest studio equipment rack mount road cases on the market!

With spring loaded, recessed handles and reinforced, metal corners on the exterior, this rackmount studio road case is built to persevere the abuse and rigors of daily use. Black carpeting covers all the walls of the studio mixer rack case, and the side walls are ¾ inch thick. To provide ultimate access to your equipment, the lid, front panel, and back panel of this rack mount studio equipment road case are removable revealing ten (10) horizontal spaces on the top racks and fifteen (15) vertical spaces on the bottom racks, accommodating all standard 19 inch rack mountable gear.

Located in the back panel is a cut-out to handle your equipment wires. This studio mixer rack road case includes rack rails.

The mid shelf is also removable, if desired. To protect your equipment when you are not around, a lockable butterfly latch clip recessed in the front of this studio mixer rackmount stand with casters locks securely. Of course, you need this 25U rackmount road case to go places with you. Four (4) heavy duty, steel and rubber casters support these DJ rackmount road cases as they roll from one position to another. Once the studio equipment rack stand on wheels is where you want it, two of the casters are lockable to keep the studio equipment rack mount cabinet from rolling somewhere else unintentionally.

Some assembly for the side walls, caster wheels, and corner guards is required. A power drill is the only tool required (not included).

Instructions are included; total assembly time is approximately 30 minutes. We encourage you to compare this 25U rackmount road case to other DJ rack mount road cases online. This mobile DJ rackmount case with casters is exceedingly sturdy and durable. If you shop around, you will realize we offer the lowest price for quality studio equipment rack mount cabinets. Try finding another mobile DJ rackmount stand on wheels able to work this hard for you at such a cheap price; it cannot be done!

We offer the lowest price for quality rack mount studio equipment road cases. 10 spaces on top racks and 15 spaces on the bottom racks. Top, back and front panels easily comes off. Rear top wood panel can be removed to allow installation for mixers deeper then 18. Chrome handles, clamps, corners and latches.

Outer corners reinforced with steel. Four (4) heavy duty casters made of steel with rubber wheels; two (2) of these casters are lockable. Lockable, recessed butterfly latch clip. Black carpeting covering all the medium-density fiberboard walls (interior and exterior).

Top horizontal racks accommodate rackmount mixers. Fits all standard 19 inch rack mountable gear. With lid closed: two (2) inches of free space from the top rack rails to the top of lid.

Interior depth (measured from front to back) 18 inches. Exterior height (measured with casters included): 38 inches.

Studio equipment rack mount road cases can be used for all your rack equipment mounting, storing, and transportation needs. Mobile DJ rackmount stands on wheels are built to be strong, long-lasting, versatile and so durable that the hard-working sound board technicians, disc jockeys, and studio engineers can use them for years to come in numerous situations throughout his career.

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  • Type: Rack Case
  • To Fit: Rack Gear
  • Features: Dividers
  • Rack Space: 25 U
  • Brand: Griffin
  • Model: DEQ02
  • MPN: DEQ02
  • Material: Wood
  • UPC: 797734483383

25U Rack Mount Studio Mixer Cabinet Road Case DJ Flight Stand Music Equipment